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America is important to God. Israel gave us Jesus, but this is His Land and this is why

This year has been a difficult one for all of us and really an ugly year to so many. We've lost a lot. And here in the midst of the political environment some people are saying we Christians shouldn't be talking about such things. But something I want to bring to your attention is this: America is important to God. This is His land. Israel gave us Jesus, but our founding fathers were very specific when they sought out and stepped foot on this land and dedicated this country to Him. This is the very reason they came in search of this Amercia. This is why so many of us remain standing on those promises made to God and His promises to us. Think about that as you pray and feel that hope rise up in you. God never forgets and neither should we. Our words have power, power of life and death, positive and negative (Proverbs 18:21). Convanants and committments have always held great meaning to God. He never changes nor goes back on His Word. He keeps His promises and committments. H