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Side Roads in Life can Have Plenty of Site Seeing Lessons

No one can say that this year has been their best. It seems if you begin to describe your tough year you feel this rising up in yourself realizing you are preaching to the choir because no one has had an easy year. As I have attempted to move forward in my life with many plans this year hasn't been easy by any means. But I realize that as much as we want to move on with our lives into new adventures and opportunities after we have decided to recover from setbacks, God still has some unexpected plans for us. He may call us to do some other things. We don't realize this and often we mistaken those times as distractions that are causing us to fail Him or Satan attacking us to keep us off the course we know we need to travel. We look at these things as getting in our way, but that isn't always the case. If we answer God's call we will once again find ourselves back on our path we had been traveling as well, but there will always be some side roads God wants us to take