Selfishness to Selflessness. What does that Mean? Especially in Marriage.

Many people look back at their twenties and realize just how young they truly were. Thats the funny thing about getting older,…the realizations of how far we have come. Some people will share how they were only say 19 or 21 when they got married. But I was a kid when I said I do. And a year later I became a mother. I was 16.

I had a lot in front of me. At 19 I panicked realizing that I had always been somebody’s somebody. Somebody’s daughter, sister, wife and mother. Who was I? I had not even held a job. So I got one.

No matter the things I or we went through or what things looked like, one thing remained true, I loved my man. He was my anchor. When I was 23 Even though I have known God all my life and was raised up in the church I truly fell to my knees to Christ Jesus. I surrendered my life to His Will. This is when I died to self. And it is from this point is when our marriage truly went from two people to living in the oneness of God.

You can read more about our story but clicking on the link about it "Marriage, Our Story" at the top of this page. This 7 minute video really says a lot. Plesae take the time to listen to it and provoke your thought process. Its worth it. You're worth it. I believe that Christ gave us marriage for several reasons but, truly it is so that we can know what it is to love like Christ and have a committed relationship with Him. And when you have two people responding to their marriage like this you find true happiness, truest of love. I know this to be true.


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