You Ask: How Do We Do This?

I will be launching my podcast soon, and for the same reason for my blog writing which has always been to encourage you. I attempt to write about things in which you may be questioning and want to be encouraged in and intentally explain it in a way that others may not be. I want to write to you to provoke and inspire your thought processes and aspire you to live your life more passionately while giving you some tools to do so. I want to help you put more thought into your life and the lives of others.

If you think that politics is not a place of the church, you must realize that you are allowing politics to determine your life and not the biblical values and way of life Christ has for you and the generations after you. We are living in a time that you can no longer be doing a service by remaining silent. The church has been set up for the greatest battle it has seen thus far. Therefore warriors you must be busy at war. No time to fret and worry and do not keep your eyes to the media.

Why would any of us believe the media? They are not even reporting any of the fraud and theft that is blatantly being revealed to us through other means. What else have they been hiding from you? Its too much, it would frightening to you if you could see it all. They are not telling you the truth and blocking and hiding the truth because it doesn’t go along with their narrative and who is behind their paycheck and their agenda. The media along with their party leaders’ strategy is too plow ahead. They do not want the truth to be exposed. They have spent too many years and too much money planning this out. Be careful who you listen too, boycott most and know that you have a selection of other reputatable media outlets. The market size will change over time with your effort. Consider other social media outlets as the options are growing. Your choices control the market. Chose wisely those who do not try to silence you or keep the truth from you.

I was listening to Thomas Wictor share his view point on how he felt this very situation was best described. He was saying that in police interrogation and in courts you have what’s called the Perry Mason moment. The team or police get you to commit to a narrative so in this case the media goes along with their story that “there was no mail in voting fraud, there has been no theft.” Then the Mason team spring their evidence on you and you have to explain it. Of course if you are covering up and lying your credibility is destroyed. Fraud is evil and it wants to be covered up and not revealed. It wants to keep "you the people" away from seeing what it going on, it doesn’t want to be brought to the light. They've done it in other countries and they with their help are trying to do it to you.

Here we are on the edge of our seats because we are living in this microwave society where people don’t have the patience to stand in faith, and that is discouraging. When things get tough you have to get to walking in the promises of God. You do not lay down and take it, you rise up like a lion, not a sheep and fight the good fight. You even create prayer closets to go to and get on your knees. We so need God, that the moment we pull our covers off after waking we should be dropping to our knees, fresh out of our beds in acknowledgement of our God and our great need for Him.

I'll say it again, this is the time that God’s people rise up. I am here to tell you that my testimony is in faith. You have to stand firm in it even when everything begins to look bleak. And it is often times one of my biggest challenges. But I know big faith. I am reminded of the times I have had to truly stand, and yet I have times that I truly struggle in it. And that’s ok for I am human as long as I refocus myself and get back on board. I can’t surround myself in a negative environment and fill myself with negative words spoken around me. I can’t allow any of those type of things have any type of entrance into my life. For example watching or listening to negative news etc. Instead I listen to those who pour into me good things. I listen to my podcasts and music and fill up on the positive things of life. Proverbs 18:21

Just like an athlete does when recovering from an injury, he or she has to muster up that kind of determination to fight back to be where he or she once was and they do it. I have witnessed even terminally ill people believe and put forth the mindset and physical efforts to get well when I think oh my, I could easily be discouraged and die. It takes faith, it takes seeing the vision set before us. You have to let it rise up in you so that it becomes you. Its like literally eating everything positive you take in so that everything that comes out of you is life.

Circumstances usually look pretty bleak before things change. You may have heard as I have of someone saying “Lord break this person’s heart so that they may know you.” This means that person may be so stubborn or blinded that they cannot see just how much they need Jesus. So we say, "do something Lord to help them to desire you, to know you." Often times it is, "Do something in me Lord." You also have to remember that satan is at war with you and God. He attempts to use and destroy all people especially God’s. But this is where you must resist him so that satan will flee. You have to be in tune with God and maintaining your relationship and staying in His word if you wish to stay connected and encouraged. Always go to the Father when you are feeling discouraged.

If you are someone who listens to prophets, I share with you that I have certain ones I have been listening to for years. I have researched them which is fairly easy to do today with the time stamps of their work. Watch their old prophecies and see if they did come to pass. See how many of them had these prophecies and if these prophets line up in agreement with one another. And understand that prophesies have to be coupled in prayer. So we in our prayers all have a responsibility in this as well. What we do matters and shows the importance of the whole body of Christ working together.

Its a perfect time to recommit yourselves to God. To spend more time getting to know Him and by doing so spending time discovering the power He has to work through you. It is actually one of the most exciting times to be alive. Its not too late to step into the future that God has planned just for you. And when you feel discouraged He is there and He has given you people and other ways to surround yourself in encouragement. Remember that God loves this nation and He is not done with America. This country plays an important connection to the rest of the world. Be encouraged by the fact that there are so many people in other parts of the world praying for us too.


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