God will still have His Way

When I am feeling discouraged I try to surround myself with Godly people and influence. Somedays I just consume myself in it and I praise, worship and pray. I tune out main stream media and I tune into Christian networks.

Faith takes action and so it is work. The reason the evil was at work to stop the momentum of the election and brought things to a stand still was because it came to steal, kill and destroy the power of our faith which it fears. So we have to work extra hard and encourage one another to build up our faith and steam roll ahead. We are waging war. The darkness must be brought to light to be exposed and because we hate evil it is never comfortable even for the doers of good.

I am standing in faith that God will finish the work He has begun in our country and in our president who has been prophesied by many prophets to be re-elected. Hang on everyone, its coming! Keep fighting the good fight of faith. Faith is saying that I take Him at His Word. I trust Him, and so I am standing on His Word.

Fear is false evident appearing real. Righteousness and justice exposes what needs to be changed. Remember that God is always at work, no matter what things may look like. Keep the faith that He is doing what He says He will do. It doesn't matter what the devil does, God will still have His way.


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