Side Roads in Life can Have Plenty of Site Seeing Lessons

No one can say that this year has been their best. It seems if you begin to describe your tough year you feel this rising up in yourself realizing you are preaching to the choir because no one has had an easy year. As I have attempted to move forward in my life with many plans this year hasn't been easy by any means. But I realize that as much as we want to move on with our lives into new adventures and opportunities after we have decided to recover from setbacks, God still has some unexpected plans for us. He may call us to do some other things. We don't realize this and often we mistaken those times as distractions that are causing us to fail Him or Satan attacking us to keep us off the course we know we need to travel. We look at these things as getting in our way, but that isn't always the case.

If we answer God's call we will once again find ourselves back on our path we had been traveling as well, but there will always be some side roads God wants us to take because it just may enhance our experience. He always has site seeing things for us to do in the process.

We can never go on a roadtrip without our snacks. The key is realizing that we have to keep feeding our spirit. You see, our spirit is powerful and it draws its strength by our nurturing it. We do that by reading His word, learning more about Him, spending time with Him, being in prayer, fellowship, worship, praise, listening to His music. This is the food our spirit must have to gain its strength and keep growing.

My spirit is what holds me together in the great times as well as in the tough times, and on the pit stops. My spirit is who I really am. I must get a hold of those emotions that can rock me and thus let my spirit rule. The strongest part of me is my spirit and I don't have any fear or hang ups when I let my spirit rule. Emotions are fickle and they are the opportunity to allow Satan to attack us, break us down and make us weak, they create scenarios in our minds of things that are not true and will not happen, but can greatly worry us and hold us captive.

But the spirit combats it all. I have to let my spirit rise up and rule! My spirit is in Him and He is the most powerful force possible. When I let my spirit rule I am conqueror and I do work towards anything. I am heading toward the main road again and I have decided that I have to stop from time to time and venture off my path and discover the other sites God wants me to be a part of. God has a reason for everything and our attitude is the beginning of understanding and insight. When we chose to view the positive of a situation we can clearly see the good in it and we are grateful for the side roads. Stay tuned because I am staying the course I have had planned by being back even stronger from this ugly year and I pray you will be able to say the same as well. Make it a goal and start working towards it today.


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