America is important to God. Israel gave us Jesus, but this is His Land and this is why

This year has been a difficult one for all of us and really an ugly year to so many. We've lost a lot. And here in the midst of the political environment some people are saying we Christians shouldn't be talking about such things. But something I want to bring to your attention is this: America is important to God. This is His land. Israel gave us Jesus, but our founding fathers were very specific when they sought out and stepped foot on this land and dedicated this country to Him. This is the very reason they came in search of this Amercia. This is why so many of us remain standing on those promises made to God and His promises to us. Think about that as you pray and feel that hope rise up in you. God never forgets and neither should we.

Our words have power, power of life and death, positive and negative (Proverbs 18:21). Convanants and committments have always held great meaning to God. He never changes nor goes back on His Word. He keeps His promises and committments. He expects us, His children to hold true to them as well.

God is the most concerned with the heart of a person and when seeking within ourselves and when viewing another person's life we need to remember that. God hasn't always used people in His ministry that you will have liked and thought well of. But He knows what He can do through them and He loves all people. Even if you do not know your Bible well you have heard of people such as Moses and Abraham, Peter and Samson. Moses was a prince of Egypt, but he was also a coward and a murderer at times. Abraham was not always faithful to God as he doubted Him often times. Peter wasn't always bold, but he was always impulsive and often acted before thinking. Of all the men that God would use in the Old Testament, there was probably no one more hard-headed and arrogant than Samson. But even with that, God would give him supernatural strength through the power of the Holy Spirit. God has used murders, adulters, thieves, liars and so on. You see, its never too late for God to use us or to change us. He's always reaching out. He wants us to stop putting our future on hold because of our past. God puts our past in the past because He is more concerned with our todays and tomorrows. He wants our eyes on the horizon and our feet moving forward.

Nothing we do is too impossible for God to help us through. One day we fall, but the next day we can be back up. We don't have to be perfect to God. He knows we need Him, and we even fail day to day to remember that fact for ourselves.

We need not waiver in what we believe. We should never believe something just because someone else told us too. Know what you believe and why you believe that. Stand firmly on the promises of God and there are many promises, so commit to studying them.

Know this for a fact: God is at work, even though you may not see anything happening. This is His land and the rest of the world is depending on it. Be diligent in your prayers for this country. Keep your mind focused on the things of the Lord and watch Him unveil His works.


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