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Prepare to Show the World Who You Are

I work in a truck shop. Most recently I must admit I kinda feel a little bit like Amy a manager on the show "Super Store" who each day wears a name tag other than her true name. Going on my third year in my job I decide I need FRC's because I am working more in the shop and I have always went out into the field. My shirts will soon be in with my real name on them, but for now, it's kinda fun being Henri and I think it's been fun for the guys to call out for Henri because it always brings a smile to their faces. Even  my Boss Man (husband) has been amazed and has enjoyed my courage and strength to step up. He's been awesome to encourage and compliment me daily about how proud he is of me. The downturn off the oilfield hit us pretty hard and even after those hits I was laid off 6 months of 2016. It broke my heart, for it wasn't just my job that was gone it was the lifestyle of waking up each day and sharing my complete day alongside my husband