Prepare to Show the World Who You Are

I work in a truck shop. Most recently I must admit I kinda feel a little bit like Amy a manager on the show "Super Store" who each day wears a name tag other than her true name. Going on my third year in my job I decide I need FRC's because I am working more in the shop and I have always went out into the field. My shirts will soon be in with my real name on them, but for now, it's kinda fun being Henri and I think it's been fun for the guys to call out for Henri because it always brings a smile to their faces. Even my Boss Man (husband) has been amazed and has enjoyed my courage and strength to step up. He's been awesome to encourage and compliment me daily about how proud he is of me.
The downturn off the oilfield hit us pretty hard and even after those hits I was laid off 6 months of 2016. It broke my heart, for it wasn't just my job that was gone it was the lifestyle of waking up each day and sharing my complete day alongside my husband and all those people I shared my days with even if they didn't work at the same place I did, our days interacted with one another's. I call them all my work family. I also felt lost because I had lost my place I felt I belonged. 

The greatest thing of that time off work was my amount of time with God. It was an ugly time that my prayers of lament where how He began to turn this time into utter beauty. Life was so busy and emotional for everyone around here living in the oilfield, so the time I had off I called my "Sabbatical." It was a time to access and a time of accountability to begin to step up in Christ. Accountability is truly about calling people up to their identity. The Kingdom of God is within us. Joy is who God is and I wanted that joy in my heart. I cried out in lament prayers.
Lament is a tool that God's people use to navigate pain and suffering. Lament is vital prayer for the people of God because it enables them to petition for God to help deliver from distress, suffering, and pain. Lament prayer is designed to persuade God to act on the sufferer's behalf. He does care about us, our pain and suffering. He cares about what we want too. 

What I realized is that my peace comes from my heart, not my head. My peace is relational, not circumstantial. If I hide myself in God all things are made new. I asked what is it that needs to change in me to look more like Heaven, to look more like Jesus? I asked God to help me to become more aware of His presence so that I may experience the glory of His goodness. I learned about being a "Game Changer." Choosing Jesus is the game that changes everything because my mindset, my attitude changes.

God said that what had happened to me was not my breaking it was my making. And when I say that I know that no matter what happens in my life God is Lord of my life, He is in charge, I know it because I learned that no one can take anything from me unless He says so and has a reason for doing so. I stood in faith believing I would go back to my job and that I would be better or God would provide a different way for me. I not only fed my spirit, I also worked out a lot to make my physical being stronger. As I worked out I did so in praise and worship. 

God did accomplish those things in me. I was called back to my job to begin this new year off. Its not my ultimate calling in life, its just part of it. I am so much more. People say I'm different this time around, but God told me back then that I would be stronger and and I would be better, so I am what He says I am. I am not broken I am better! And aside from my job He has so many other plans for my life. 

We all need to call out that strength that makes us who God says we are, even if sometimes a little part of that looks a little like Henri. I really like who Henri is.  But the name tag on my work shirts are changing. Henri is only part of who I am, truly I am Diana and many things that make me uniquely so.

#SteppingUp #TakingHold #YouThoughtYouKnewMe #YouNeedToKnowMeNow.

With Love, 
Henri A.K.A. Diana


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