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God Wants You. You and Your Past Are More Than Enough

A few years ago when I was talking to someone about some things that I didn't quite understand about my life and I was feeling sad, this person really helped bring revelation to understanding of what I was going through, what I didn't realize. She said that it sounded like I keep trying to earn my salvation. It was a shocking revaluation but that is exactly what I was trying to do. I was always striving to be better at everything and I was tired, disappointed and headed for a nervous breakdown. She said why are you working so hard at what you already have? Jesus Christ already paid the price of my sins and gave me the gift of eternal life. I have salvation. And its a gift and God gave it to me. Why do I keep working so hard at trying to earn it?  I think it was for me like it is for so many of you. I kept blaming myself, I had not forgiven myself. I used to think God was always mad at me. I was just such a disappointment to Him. I felt I would have to always be earning H