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How to Start Your Day off on the Right Side of the Bed

What a beautiful morning it has been! I was never a morning person. I've come to enjoy and appreciate them now. My Dad would tell us to lay out all of our things the night before so that we didn't have any upset trying to find the missing shoe or take extra time to decide what to wear. He said to lay out our school stuff, make sure we had everything the night before. It made for a much more smooth transition and he reminded us of these things each night before going to bed. My Dad was never late to work, even when he had a flat or something he still managed to make it to work before time. He would leave in enough time to accommodate those incidents and be there well before he had to be. As we see accidents happening each and every day I know that many of them could be avoided had people just checked their priorities and took the time to not allow themselves to be in a rush and if they had woke up prepared and with joy. Our Dad was always our morning cheerleader with which we t