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I do not want to be Ordinary but Radical, Extreme, and Uncommon

In times such as these we have to reach for strength.  When taking a spiritual gifting test my strongest gift is my faith and that doesn't at all surprise me. However it is also something I often times struggle with as well. But once I rise up to it, its there strong and mighty! As I have reflected back over my life I can see that my faith was instilled in me from birth. I had a mother who knew it was important for me to know God. I had a grandmother who prayed for me every day of her life. I didn't have a perfect little life nor did I always make the right decisions. In fact I have made some really poor ones. There were times I felt so lost, but I felt even in the most trying times of my life God was always with me. I remember crying out to Him. I always felt there was hope I just didn't know when things were going to get better, but I somehow knew they eventually would. That somehow was God. I can't remember not talking to Him or not knowing of Him. So in that I know