Finding Acceptance of Ourselves

When I was a child I felt God didn't really like me, that He was disappointed in me. The fact of the matter was I was all that to myself. But I was so wrong about what God thought and felt about me. God ended up telling me so. He told me He was a God of love. I believe it is easy when hearing those type of fire and damnation sermons for anyone to believe the opposite. But He came to spread the good news. He came so that I could have life and eternal life and have it abundantly. He came so that I didn't have to live in sin and sadness. He came for you too.

We judge and beat ourselves up when we don't need to be. He isn't doing that to us. He wants to help us reach our goals, most especially the ones He knows is in our best favor. The great news is He accepts us wherever we are in life. He accepts us for who we are, what we have done, and for whatever we look like. He will love us anyhow. He will love us through wherever we are. And He puts people in our lives to help us rise up as well. So this is about working on ourselves, our person.

The problem lies in the fact that we must accept ourselves in those places too. I believe it is from there that we can begin to take the steps to be in the next place in our lives. Whatever we can do today is what will lead us to our greater goals. Its what I think of as baby steps of today and tomorrow. Little things really do matter, it is by doing something no matter how small that will get us inches closer. It is when we procrastinate and sulk in it that we mount up that damnation upon ourselves and allow that devil to keep hold of the back of our shirt and hold us down. Having a plan is great, but by living moment by moment helps our plan. There will be somedays we will make bigger contributions and it helps when other days we mess up. It is ok. We can have a "redo" or simply a break because of those days we were able to do more. The point is don't be so hard on yourself while careful not to fall back into that procrastination and damnation mode.

I am such a visual learner and so often times I just use my imagination and I envision how my body is reacting when I have physical goals, or how my presentation will go when I am working on career goals. When I think of relationship goals I think of what Jesus would do, how He would reach out and how He would love. And one of the most important things I have been privileged to witness is when God wows me. When I put my trust in Him He makes some of the most remarkable and amazing things happen in my life. If you haven't had a wow God moment and want to know more, let's talk.


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